Campus Networks

Rice University is a member of several regional and global networks, but most faculty, staff and students depend on our local networks.  The links below lead to instructions for connecting to these networks.

  • Rice wired network- plug in your ethernet cable or console for the fastest and most consistent connection to the Internet.
  • Rice Owls wireless network- requires a NetID login, provides fast Internet connections on a private network available only to Rice faculty, staff and students.
  • Rice Visitor wireless network- a public wireless connection to the Internet, requires agreeing to Rice's Acceptable Use Policy; heavy traffic results in slower speed and inconsistencies.
  • VPN- using a VPN (virtual private network) connection allows your computer or mobile device to access resources that are restricted to faculty, staff and students on the Rice campus network.  A VPN connection makes it easy for you to continue working while living off-campus or traveling.

Regional and Global Networks

Although Rice is affiliated with many organizations, the external networks most used by faculty and staff include eduroam, LEARN, and XSEDE.

  • eduroam - a global, members-only wireless network for higher education institutions; requires NetID login and works at Rice as well as at other member institutions, including the University of Houston. See the full list of eduroam institutions at
  • LEARN - Lonestar Education and Research Network - a high speed, members-only network of Texas institutions; any communications or data you exchange with other member institutions automatically uses this network.
  • XSEDE - a members-only network for research-focused universities; contact the Research Computing Support Group (RCSG) to access XSEDE. includes instructions on connecting your computer or mobile device to the wired and wireless campus networks. If you are not comfortable connecting your own computer, contact the Help Desk for assistance: 713.348.4357,,