Help! I'm Looking for Rice's Gmail, Google Calendar or other Apps

Rice Google Apps for Education includes Rice Gmail for Undergraduate Students.  All Rice students, faculty and staff have access to the other apps in the Core Suite of Services under Rice's Google contract.

Rice's Google Drive (previously called Docs) is a cloud storage solution, and is the easiest way to share files with internal or external email addresses.  However, the data can be stored anywhere around the world, so it is not an appropriate storage solution for confidential or sensitive Rice data. For more details about your Rice Google Apps for Education,  see Rice Google Apps in


Login using your Rice NetID and your Rice Google* password.

*Only use your NetID password on web sites.  Rice web sites that require a NetID login end with,, etc.

Choose different passwords for sites that are not hosted at Rice or that do not use the secure Rice Shibboleth login.