Simple map to Mudd Lab

Mudd Lab is located on the north side of campus, near Entrance 21 on Rice Boulevard.

  • Visitor parking is available in the North Annex Lot, at Entrance 20.
  • For deliveries, use the loading dock on the back of the building, or the circle drive on the west side of the building.
  • Already on campus? Mudd Lab is not far from the Engineering Quad with the three rock sculptures. Walk west, through all the arches that link Abercrombie Lab to the Mech E Lab and Ryon Lab. Mudd Lab is just past Ryon Lab, and Mudd also has arched, covered sidewalks.

The cupola on the second floor of Mudd Lab is visible from Herman Brown.  Residents of the North Colleges primarily see the back of Mudd Lab and the side porch on the circle drive that Mudd shares with Hamman Hall.  The covered sidewalks were designed with arches that mirror those of its neighbors: Mech E Lab, Ryon Lab, Cox Mechicanical Engineering Building, and Herman Brown.

Front of Mudd Lab Mudd Lab from Entrance 21 Mudd Lab with Side Porch and Circle Drive

Mudd Lab Arched Sidewalk